Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank: Return Of The Mouth To Lung King

Nautilus 2

Anyone who has started vaping years ago is familiar with the Nautilus Tank. It fought with the Vivi Nova for vape supremacy and came out winning. After reintroducing the product to the market via the Nautilus X, Aspire is back once again with an official revamp of the product that put Aspire on the map. Let's take a look at what you can expect from the Nautilus 2 Tank.

nautilus 2 top fill - how to fill nautilus 2 tank

22mm of pure mouth to lung vaping, the new Nautilus 2 Tank takes both sub ohm vaping as well as above ohm vaping to new levels via their improved BVC Coils. One of the biggest drawbacks of the original Nautilus was the suction that made filling the tank a difficult process for many who chain vaped. The new and improved design features top fill capabilities where filling is a breeze. The one drawback is that you are limited to 2ml of juice capacity but at such low wattage requirements your liquids will last longer.


One of my favorite things with the Nautilus 2 Tank is that it completely comes apart in order to be washed. Those of us who own ultra sonic cleaners will benefit greatly from being able to put it into use.


Aspire Nautilus coils

I terms of coils, as of the time of this posting there are two types of BVC coils for the Nautilus 2. A 0.7 ohm coil that requires 18 to 23 watts, or the 1.8 ohm coil that requires 10 to 14 watts. Not only is this exceptional but the flavor production is phenomenal from the demo unit we were able to test. Images at the time of this posting were not permitted on the final product but if you know the Apspire coil history you know to expect an exceptional vape.



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