Best All In One Vape Kit: SmokTech Skyhook RDTA Mod


All in one kits have been all of the rage, ever since the REO Squonk Mods made their first appearances vapers have been in search of that easy to carry and use device that simplifies their vaping experience. We've seen many variations of these devices from a number of manufacturers, some close to perfect and others complete messes. Anyone who purchased an NEBOX knows this all too well, sorry KangerTech.

Personally I have own many of these devices and can state from experience that perfection still escapes us vapers but we've come pretty close. The Wraith by Council Of Vapors was good albeit inaccurate in its readings. The Dripbox 2 was a nice device but flawed in its design, and then came the Skyhook RDTA Mod by Smok. While not exactly the perfect device its the closest we have come to a perfect all in one.

The Skyhook integrated an RTA system into a 9ml capacity device and while the Ijoy had a contender its flawed inner tank killed its heavy buzz faster than any product I have ever seen. The Skyhook RDTA Mod can run up to 220 watts of output on 2 18650 batteries, has impressive temperature control monitoring and boasts a reinforced tank that has held up to even the most harsh of e-liquids (I know I have tried to break it).

While this isn't the perfect solution for vapers who cannot build or properly mount coils onto a velocity deck, for an experienced vaper the design, it's features, and it's price make it a very compelling purchase. I have seen reports of leakage from these devices and I have experienced on myself in 1 out 3 of these devices I own and tested and it's the only one I have dropped. The leak in that case we minimal with no pooling of eliquid at the base like can be found in the Nebox.



If I am away from my work station or an outlet I can count on not having to carry around bottles of liquid to refill the device. Even if top fill is a simple process I don't want to stop in the middle of a busy street and refill a device. Convenience, gorgeous design, and functionality makes the Skyhook RDTA Mod a must have.



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