Best Sub-Ohm Tank Of 2016: SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank

Smok ended 2015 on a roll and it seemed that energy funneled its way right into their R&D department because 2016 would see them release product after product to even more consumer demand. One of these items turned out to the be the TFV8 Cloud Beast Sub-Ohm Tank which upon release dethroned everything from the Cleito to the official king the Sense Herakles Plus. As a person that spent the better part of the early half of 2016 using a Herakles Plus I figured nothing on the horizon will compete with this tank, boy was I wrong.


The Cloud Beast that is now three separate tanks in varying sizes and options started as a 6ml big boy tank that offered the best coils in business for sub-ohm vaping. It's many variables in coils builds made the TFV8 the automatic go to tank for most vapers, sale numbers don't lie and the only other product in vaping history to have as much of a search trend as seen with the TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank would be Kanger's Nebox in 2015. Unlike the Nebox which was a major disaster, SmokTech thrived in this market and introduced first the Baby Beast which was a miniature version of the Cloud Beast with its only set of coils that actually by my estimation perform even better. Just before the end of the year SmokTech sealed it for themselves with the Big Baby Beast, a mid size tank that sat between the previous two. All size options made it the best tank one could recommend to a fellow vaper.



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