FDA PMTA Extensions Lead To New 2022 Deadlines

FDA PMTA Extensions Lead To New 2022 Deadlines


Smaller vape juice manufacturers like us can all breathe a collective sigh of relief with the latest news to emerge out of the FDA's regulations over the vape industry. With a deadline looming in 2018 the industry faced a battle within regulations and the financial constraints of wildly priced processes for product approval. After being overloaded with PMTA filings the FDA found itself incapable of handling this volume and has elected to extend the PMTA filing deadline until 2022.

What does this mean for the consumer? It means you'll be able to enjoy every product released prior to August 8th 2017 until at least August 8th 2022. This five year window may not be enough time for small brands to raise the capital to complete the process but at least jobs within the industry will not be gone in the immediate future.



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