How Do I Get Into Rebuilding Atomizers?

How Do I Get Into Rebuilding Atomizers?



Acquiring the best flavor possible in vaping is a matter of preference. Some find sub ohm tanks the easiest way of getting that flavor but listening to other tell it rebuildables provide both the best and more pure flavor. While sub ohm tanks have come a long way such as via the HorizonTech Falcon Tank the long term cost is considerably higher than buiding your own experience. Just note that you should consider the ohm threshold your mod is capable of handling in a safe manner.


Making your own coils:


Coil building can be either easy or a daunting experiene. Figuring out what material you prefer to build with is the start. Figuring out width of your coils is next and figuring out how that material translates into loops that transmits into ohm readouts is next. Familiarizing yourself with ohms law and using a calculator are very vital here. This was the way we all started with rebuilding, for me it took a bit of work and about 5 tries to get my first coil. Below is a video on how to build your coils.


As GrimmGreen demonstrates a little guidance can go a long way. So what types of material can you use for coils?

  • Kanthal: Most prebuilt coils that go into sub ohm tanks are made of this material. It is arguably the best and easiest material to use.
  • Stainless Steel: SS works in both wattage and in temperature control mode. While its resistance is not as easy to predict as with kanthal it is one of my personal favorites to build with.
  • Nichrome: Not my favorite but very popular with people who love low ohms and faster heat up time.


Pre-made coils:

I personally have stopped making coils as I just don't have the kind of time required and the cost of coils in this manner has dropped significantly. Where I loved building coils such as the alien clapton and the juggernaut coils they can now be acquired easily. Do not be fooled by branded coils that go for anywhere between $10 and $30 per set, there is no point to those coils and literally all you are paying for is name and name only. Companies like CoilArt provide excellent quality and a great vape for about five sets of coils for between $7.99 and $12.99



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