How To Store E-Liquid Long Term?

How To Store E-Liquid Long Term?


How to store e-liquid long term?

Ever wonder why that bottle of e-liquid you own turned so dark? Why the taste is off? Well there is an answer for that, several actually. E-liquid is very temperamental, it is affected by air, light, and temperature. All three of these factors can turn the tastiest in juice into a disgusting experience. Nicotine can develop a peppery taste and provide you with a truly nauseating experience. So how do you keep your big order of juice tasting optimally?


Find yourself a dark and cool space and keep your liquids there. Oh I know, some blog or article somewhere told you to air out your liquid. Would that same person take an expensive bottle of scotch and do the same? No, definitely not. For one you do not want contaminants landing in what you plan to vape. Second, you don't want the little complexities of your liquid vanishing. For liquids that come in glass but have a moderately chemical taste you want to transfer them into plastic squeeze bottles and leave some space for breathing. Breathing is the action of squeezing out air from the bottle and bringing in fresh air. There is no perfect science to this but due to the narrow tip on these bottles you wouldn't be letting the flavors go mute nor inheriting airborne contaminants into your liquid. While some vapers would disagree with worry about contimants because one of the ingredients in e-liquid is very clean and has antibacterial qualities I very much doubt you want to find yourself inhaling dead skin or worse.



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