How To Successfully Transition To Vaping? Stop Buying Cigarettes

Sugar Hill E-Liquid made appearances at two vape conventions within a 7 day period. We met and chatted up people from all over the world. One common attendee of these events but often overlooked are new vapers or those looking to take the dive into vaping. One thing we've noticed at vape conventions is the lack of readily available information on how to transition into vaping from analog cigarettes. Due to the nature of these conventions setting time aside to walk new people into our industry isn't ideal, tons of foot traffic, product to keep track of and many questions from all angles can make walking someone through the transition phase rather tricky.


As someone who smoked for 20 plus years I can state that the transition for me was not easy. I had gotten to the point where so many things in my life involved smoking, from driving, to web browsing, to walking out of my apartment building, to even enjoying my morning cup of coffee. At the time I made the transition vaping was still very much a new thing and the technology was not quite as evolved as it is today. The common place for products was 24mg e-liquid and silica based wicking. At the time I was instructed that I could vape and smoke and cut down little by little, while this might work for most it didn't for me. I never fully got over the desire to smoke analog cigarettes, by not forgetting the smell I never hit that disgusted level I would later on come to experience.


My full transition came almost by mistake, I was sick with the flu and couldn't handle the harshness of cigarette smoke so my vape filled the void, the menthol helped clear my passages and actually helped me breathe a little better. Five days of this and I was better, I had not had a cigarette in five days, but of course I lit one up as I normally would. The problem with that is that it had been five days and the taste was not the same, it never was the same again. One fails to forget just how awful the smell and taste of a cigarette is after its been part of your life for any period of time. I found myself in a quandry of sorts, still mentally attracted to cigarettes but actually hating the experience of one. I fell off the wagon and gave in to temptation a few times over the next month, old habits die hard. Each time I lit one up I would be reminded of how bad the taste was. It wasn't until I stopped buying cigarettes all together that I fully made the transition.


See most smokers know how to keep a pack of cigs fresh in the fridge, so the call will always be there but a smoker who learns to depend on what's accessible will turn to their vape. It took me nearly 3 months to fully kick the habit and I haven't looked back since. So the moral here is if you have access to analogs you will smoke then, if you don't you'll start programming yourself to replace traditional cigarettes with you vape. One of the biggest understated things about vaping is having an end goal, whether its a year or two, have a date when it all ends. Vaping has and should always be a measure to curb an addiction, some people will vape the rest of their lives and that's a choice one makes on their own and quite possibly out of fear of making that transition to being completely nicotine free. After a few months test your limits, set your vape down and leave the house for a few hours without see how your body responds, you might actually be surprised. Remember there will be times where you can't vape, international flights immediately come to mind. Spending countless hours in a plane where you can't get your nicotine fix is a good way to understand the less than addictive nature of ecigs despite what the media might want to portray.



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