Is Cleaning Prebuilt Vape Coils A Good Idea?

Is Cleaning Prebuilt Vape Coils A Good Idea?


Is Cleaning Prebuilt Vape Coils A Good Idea?

I have seen people discuss this topic for quite some time, people who believe their coils will last longer if they wash them. By washing I mean, placing them in water for a while or holding them under running water.


This question has also become something regularly ask, particularly thrifty vapers who find the price of a coil to be an inconvenience and those not quite so ready to invest into making their own. The reality is a coil costs pennies to make, a prebuilt coil for an RDA will run you a fraction of a penny to make yourself but not everyone is up for learning about OHM's law or even putting the control of their vape into their hands. This is understandable, it can be a challenge for many. So while that is the reality of coil pricing one thing that cannot be overlooked is prebuilt coils are not customizable and they come as is, at a significantly higher price than making your own. 


So can you preserve your coil? The real answer is no. The fibers in cotton degrades overtime and become degraded as time passes. Think of a pair of jeans, after 100 washes that tough denim becomes quite soft and pliant. The same thing happens from heating the sweetener and ingredients in your juice. While yes you could run your coil under water to flush it out, should you? The real answer is NO! Seriously no. There is more in your water than just water, tap water runs through pipes who release things as well as metal which releases more. Is vaping something foreign really worth the average price of a coil of 3 dollars? Certainly not if you can help it. While you might get a day or a few out of your coils those foreign agents touching your coil can have averse effects that shouldn't be blamed on vaping but of course eventually will. While some get away with using overproof vodka to also clean their coils and wicks this is yet another foreign agent you are inhaling eventually.


So please, by no means should you clean your coils with water or alcohol, a lung infection is seriously not worth it.



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