Is Squonker Vaping On The Verge Of A Resurgence?

Is Squonker Vaping On The Verge Of A Resurgence?


We've gone through several stages in vaping technology. Firstly with ego styled batteries, variable voltage, variable wattage, mechanical, and all in one systems like the Nebox and the RDTA built in systems by Ijoy and Smoktech. Squonking has had its moment in the sun with the most notable products being made by REO, KangerTech, and a few under the radar manufacturers. We've seen them come in all sizes, shapes, and features but sadly Squonking has not experienced a giant leap in tech. That could very well be changing in the fourth quarter of 2017.


Companies like Smoant, Ijoy, and countless others have been rumored to be releasing at least one product per company this fall. Vandy Vape is making the first jump in a new Sqounk system but sadly that one we know will be mechanical. Part of the hindrance of advancing squonking and it's experience is that the only real changes to be made are in the processors and build decks. Much hasn't changed in term of pins, connectivity, air intakes. With that said there are things that can change because not all vapers can build coils, as confirmed by the still endless regular posting of coil building tutorials.


The promise of any investment into existing technology is good news for us vapers. I still very much enjoy my Dripbox 2. Sadly since all in one systems like the Nebox and the iJoy RDTA Box turned out to be heavily flawed perhaps moving into a new direction with squonking will bring vapers of all levels of experiences one step closer to enjoying their favorite brands of e-liquids in the purest form possible.



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