Our Favorite Ultra Portable Refillable Pod Mods!

Our Favorite Ultra Portable Refillable Pod Mods!



Ultra portables are seeing a huge growth in adoption among vapers who can't walk around with full sized vape mods. We love trying out tons of vape hardare but always come back to arguments over what our favorites are. There are many players in this space and with our recent visit to the vape expo in Shenzhen, there are tons more on the way. So here are our favorites.


VooPoo Panda Pod Mod: This might not be the most discrete pod mod in the world but it does have the highest e-liquid capacity. With a whopping 5ml of capacity the VooPoo Panda Pod Mod. With the device registering in at 75mm by 47mm by 27.4mm it's a sizable one but still pretty small in comparison to say a box mod and a sub ohm tank. With it's built-in 1100mah batter vaping all day on this thing will be a breeze. This is for the person on the go contantly and one who doesn't mind so much having to carry this vape by hand.


Smoant S8 Pod Mod: Smoant has been on a tear lately with its products, the S8 Pod Mod is their first forray into ultra portable pods mods. With a respectable 370 mah battery this isn't a charge and go for a full day but the flavor experience is phenomenal, easily one of the best to ever do it. The way the pods are shaped means you can get every single drop of the 2ml capacity this device is capable of equipping you with. With the backing of Smoant you know this is a durable device that will outlast many others in this space.



Suorin Air Pod Mod: I wasn't really sold on Suorin and I can't speak on what they have coming up in the future. One thing I can arguably state is that I had to use one of these in China after loaning out my JUUL and it somehow getting lost (wags angry fist). The Suorin Air was ideal because in business clothing it looks like a card holder is in your pocket if its noticeable at all. Sleek and satisfactory this 2ml capacity pod mod for me personally got the job done. With some 50mg liquid it replaced my JUUL in better fashion than I could have ever expected.



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