Our Top Tv Shows We Binge Watch While Vaping

Our Top Tv Shows We Binge Watch While Vaping


Vaping isn't just something we do casually here at Sugar Hill E-Liquid, it's pretty much part of our entire day. So one of the discussions we recently had a team centered around what we were currently watching in our free time and that led to a discussion on binge watching. After much back and forth we've narrowed down our top favorite shows to binge watch while we vape on the weekends and here they are.



Game Of Thrones: This one was pretty close unanimous although we surprisingly had one team member who had never watched an episode or even read the book. This George R. Martin series of books which later on spawned an HBO television series which has gone on to win countless awards and has arguably spawned a new generation of fans to this long-running series of stories. Across the board, the top three favorite characters for us are John Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Brienne of Tarth.


The Walking Dead: This one provided us with some conundrums because we all seem to love apocalyptic stories but hate the idea of not being able to charge our devices. How long does it take to charge 18650's using solar power? This topic led to the shelf life of liquid and devolved into an argument about what the most indestructible vape mod would be. Long story short, a 18650 won, 0mg nicotine won out as there is no nicotine to go bad, and an RDA were the final choices. You can always find cotton even in the apocalypse, right? We hope. Well, The Walking Dead now being many seasons in is a good one to binge watch as the backstory is always fun to revisit. Early seasons Rick Grimes wins the favorite character award for us.


Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: While Seinfeld might have won this spot had it been available for streaming which it might courtesy of Netflix' relationship with Jerry Seinfeld the driving around and getting coffee in cars series that finally found it's way from Crackle over to Netflix seems to be a hit with our staff. Since we are all pretty much coffee snobs here, the show appeals to us and having short episodes allowing us to get in more shows than normal makes this one a hit. We love Jerry and the format of this show allows us to get in some laughs as well as see other sides of some of the worlds leading entertainers. One thing to note is that you might have to laugh during an inhale of your vape and that could get tricky.



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