Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Box Mod Unboxing and Review

Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Box Mod Unboxing and Review


Sigelei decided to not directly challenge the Alien Box Mod but instead elected to go in an entirely new direction by offering a box mod that offers color lcd bezels that can match your choice of color within its 6 color options for the LCD bezels. Below is our unboxing video followed by my person experiences after a week playing with the box mod.



After a week of toying with the mod I can say that the value is genuine, the Kaos Spectrum Box Mod is much more than a gimmicky spin of a light up box mod.

  • Paint/Body:

The Kaos Spectrum has traveled in backpacks, coat pockets, and even taken a spill. It's condition intact! Unlike the Alien Mod which started showing its battle scars three days into ownership, TWICE! The Kaos features a considerably better pain finish, heck after some time with the Predator Box Mod by Wismec I can say it's better than that too in terms of durability. Lighting up bezels while a nice feature really don't improve or detract from the box mod itself, they are more of a conversation piece among vapers and on-lookers. In terms of performance the lcd does not kill the battery, if anything it has an absolutely minimal impact on battery life even when left on the entire night.


  • Battery Charging:

In terms of how it handles your vaping habits I have cranked it up to its full 230 watts featuring the Sigelei Slydr L Sub Ohm Tank and the mod has not even gotten warm at that wattage taking hits every 30 seconds or so in succession. Charging your battery is a quick process, I honestly in my personal experience find that it charges two 3000 mah batteries faster than just about any box mod I've owned with the exception of the SX Yihi line.

  • Temperature Control:

TC in the Kaos Spectrum actually has very good temperature control monitoring and performance. Using 316L coils the performance was very accurate albeit not as good as some higher end mods but for the price point in extensive testing it monitored the change in my coil ohms pretty well and for that I am tip my hat at Sigelei for getting it right outside of the gate.

  • Wattage Performance/Ease Of Use:

The 0.96 inch LCD screen on the Kaos Spectrum is bright and really easy to read even in the dark. It's color mode is a nice touch and one I hope to see in more upcoming mods. In terms of performance switching modes and options is simple, extremely easy, novice level of easy (take note Yihi/DNA). In terms of usage in application the mod has a very responsive set of buttons, not recessed but not sticking out enough to snag itself on clothing when slid into a pocket. When it comes to fire button press to vapor production, this is very fast and accurate.


  • Value:

The prices on these units can vary from one retailer to the other, I purchased early so my price was on the higher end. I still feel very pleased with the results of my payment and am happily pleased with the device. I do wish that Sigelei had charged maybe $15 to $20 more for a bundle that included the Slydr L tank because they fit very well together.


  • Verdict:

This mod may not be for everyone, some people may be put off by its lack of a sub ohm tank included as a bundle, others may be put off by the LCD bezels. Personally I appreciate Sigelei going in this direction, this is the first box mod since the original Fuchai that Sigelei has released that has us vapers excited. If this is a sign of things to come the future may once again appear to be bright for Sigelei of Shenzhen. You may find better prices on similar performing box mods but don't expect them to hold up on the exterior as well as the Kaos Spectrum will.



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