Sugar Hill E-Liquid Now Accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum

Sugar Hill E-Liquid Now Accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum


Cryptocurrency has been around for the past few years but putting it to use can have its limitations. Unlike federally issued currency that is accept everywhere cryptocurrency requires companies implement the tools needed for consumer to complete commerce. Sugar Hill E-Liquid is happy to announce that we now work with Coinbase to secure your transactions 100% from purchase to delivery of your purchases to easily make e-liquid accessible to adults of age. 


Unfortunately we cannot accept every form of cryptocurrency but have elected to offer you the ability to purchase with four of the major players in alternative currency.


So how does it work? Place your order as you normally would and upon checkout select coinbase as your form of payment and follow the easy steps. We provided one example below. Once your payment is complete you'll be set and only need to age verify yourself.



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