Top 3 Box Mods Of March 2017

Today we want to put the focus on box mods, tanks seem to get all of the love as do RDAs since they are purchased more frequently than actual mods. We at Sugar Hill E-Liquid spend a lot of time at vape conventions so we get hands on time with a ton of unreleased hardware and will be crafting our top of the month lists based on experiences with both unreleased and released hardware.


  1. SmokTech Alien 220W Box Mod: The Alien Mod remains the hottest selling box mod because of its price and performance. To think that even as much as a year ago we'd have a product so widely accepted by the masses and would spend this much time without an actual competitor would've been a fools thoughts. The Alien 220W Box Mod started with some bumps and bruises, mainly from badly soldered boards and less than stellar paint but both of those issues have resolved. A new wave of colors have been offered by SmokTech and has kept this product fresh consistently throughout the months since its release.
  2. YiHi SX Mini G Class Box Mod: While not the most visually attractive box mod on the market, the G Class Box Mod features the SJ550+ processor which has provided the most accurate readings ohm in real time we have ever seen. While shaped similar to some of the oval styled IPV mod design its anti slip tech takes away part of the worry of handling such a pricey device. YiHi has been known for its phenomenal durability, impeccable performance and its constantly upgraded firmware. The G Class Box Mod carries the legacy of the YiHi brand in excellent tradition and only enhances it. The only short coming of this device is the design but that aside if you want the most evolved of performances YiHi is who you should turn to.
  3. Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 200W Box Mod: In a case of unreleased products the Sigelei Kaos has suffered from some accusations of being a gimmicky device due to its marketing focus on its 6 color options in LCD bezel. While that may be true to some extent the box mod itself is one of the most ergonomically perfected box mods ever announced. I spent nearly an hour playing around and vaping on a demo version of this box mod and it was on par with the Alien Mod in terms of responsiveness and performance. Side by side firing the two using the same settings, ohms, and tank the experience was pretty much identical. In terms of appearance the Kaos Spectrum was much more visually attractive. Ohm readings while nowhere near as accurate as a G Class was more accurate than that of the Alien Mod. Using prebuilt coils was ideal for this test and surprisingly enough before any firmware updates the Kaos Spectrum beats the Alien Mod in terms of the ability to read your ohms.


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