Value Vaping: The Differences Between Cheap and Cost Effective E-Liquid

Value Vaping: The Differences Between Cheap and Cost Effective E-Liquid



Premiums vs cheap has been heavily debated in vaping, with many stating that the premium tag is nothing but a marketing tactic. In some ways they may be right but not entirely. The process of crafting a vape recipe can span from simple to very complex and while there are many resources available for those who wish to become kitchen counter vape juice gourmets, the handling of nicotine remains unappealing to many more. While it's true that brands who charge as much as $19.99 these days for a 30ml bottle of e-liquid or like us a $19.99 price tag on our premium 60ml bottles, the expense of processing is not as low as some would imagine. While it is possible to find exception flavors of ejuice at a value like our Basics line most liquids definite as cheap ejuice don't come pre-steeped and are not ready to vape right out of the mail.

With a myriad of flavor concentrate providers ranging from dirt cheap to wildly expensive don't count on ever seeing $6 120ml bottles made with Capella flavoring inside. When I started vaping brands like Mt Baker offered a cheap entry point for my need to quit cigarettes but the experience was one that quickly I had to move away from. While others enjoyed the brand I couldn't find the quality I found in larger more expensive brands, that's not to say there aren't products from companies like Mt Baker that are fantastic but the process felt like a trial at times with a process of elimination that quickly amassed in cost exceeding that which I would've spent on a premium product. I like many other vapers have enjoyed gems from a wide array of cheap ejuice manufacturers but mostly they have been misses, big misses. Between premium and cheap there are many brands such as ours that cater to specific flavor profiles and spend the bulk of their R&D time perfecting a dozen or so recipes.

Another note is that often times cheap flavoring is topped off with extra amounts of sweetener to disguise the low quality of concentrates used to manufacture said e-liquids. Websites like JuiceDb and communities like Reddit ECR are very helpful in finding a balance between premium, affordable, and cheap. Avoid many of the common mistakes that in the end cost you more money than it should. With vaping being so subjective to personal tastes its easy to find people who'll like something you'll absolutely hate but you'll at least have a better idea of what flavors are prominent in either premium, affordable, or cheap.



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