Vape Safety: A Community Responsibility

It doesn't matter what forum you frequent you'll see experienced vapers and newly transitioned vapers often times chatting up their favorite devices. Often times you'll come across discussion asking for recommendations on what the best mod someone should pick up. We as experienced vapers can sometimes forget how uninformed we were at the time we transitioned from smokers to vapers. With the New Year well underway more and more of those quitting analogs and making the switch to vaping are turning to forums and comment boards seeking guidance. We hope this article brings people a bit of help and answer some of the most important safety questions users may have.


Batteries: The most commonly used battery in vaping is the 18650 battery, there are many  makers of these batteries and while they make all seem to be the same size they are not created equally. Brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung are my personal go to batteries because they are reliable. 18650's used for vaping are typically 20 amps or higher, there is a reason for this. A ten amp battery being stretch to demand 20 amps from a vape mod is a dangerous proposition. We highly recommend sticking to Samsung 25R's, LG HE4 or LG HG2's, and Sony VTC4 OR VTC5A's for authenticity. Do not carry loose batteries on your person, pockets, or bags. Loose batteries can roll around crash into each other and start a fire. You can google battery cases, most vape companies sell them at very low cost and spending a dollar or two on a battery case might prevent you from hurting yourself.


Box Mods: Regulated box mods are generally safe when used correctly. It is very easy to forget to click your mod into power off mode and simply drop it into a backpack or a coat pocket during the winter months. The result of this can be very dangerous, make sure that you are aware of where you mod is when moving around. I have personally ticked off my mod into off power and put it in the pocket of a backpack only to have the fabric tighten around it and activate, this was after two years of being a vaper so it does happen.. Don't assume that simply because your mod is off the pocket its housed within won't activate it by mistake. Be aware at all times.


Nicotine Ejuice: Former smokers such as myself often want the most powerful levels of nicotine possible when making the transition. Personally five years ago my first bottles of ejuice were 24mg, which is understandable because the open delivery systems were less efficient so 3mg wouldn't have done the trick. These days most devices are sub-ohm based meaning they are pushing more power and more cloud than ever. You will be absorbing nicotine faster. Things like 36mg, 24mg, and 12mg nicotine aren't really needed unless you were a two pack a day smoker of the unfiltered kind. 6mg will do the trick at sub-ohm levels and while yes you might have to vape a bit more than you think it's a safer way to avoid nicotine buzz. Make sure you wash your hands promptly after your skin comes into contact with eliquid. Make sure you tighten the caps on your bottles, make sure that any drops that spill any residue of juice is wiped out in a sanitary fashion.  Nicotine can be poisonous to children and pets, make sure you responsibly use your juice.


That's it for now, but there are always resources where you can go an ask real vapers actual questions. Reddit's electronic cigarette forum is a great place to start familiarizing yourself with vaping and a great place to make friends and ask for suggestions and advice.



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